My interview was in the afternoon session on 11th of december 2015. Alka sirohi madam was the chairperson of the interview board.
My interview went on purely technical line. Right from first question till the last they asked only questions related to civil engineering. I am sharing the questions asked by interview panel only.
ESE 2015
Chairperson : Alka Sirohi


1. What is hydraulic cement?
2. What is Non-Hydraulic cement, then?

(Didn’t answered)
3. How does a non-hydraulic cement sets?
( Hint : CO2)
4. Name the constituents of cement ?
( Fogot iron oxide :p )
5. Why gypsum is added into cement?
6. Why curing is done?
7. What is heat of hydration and what is its role in setting?

Member 1

He drew a diagram on paper of Weir with U/S pile and D/S pile?

1. What is the name of this structure and for what purpose it is used?
2. What is the role of U/S pile and D/S piles?
3. What is piping and how one can ensure safety against piping?
4. What is launching apron?
5. What is the size of boulders used in launching apron?
6. Can we use concrete gravity blocks in weir?
7. Why are concrete gravity blocks are used ?
8. Is base of a weir designed for moment?

Member 2

1. Draw the diagram of Load bearing kind of structure and framed structure ? (No clue at all :expressionless: )
2. what is a framed structure and name some load bearing kind of structure?
3. Which kind of building you live in? Is it a load bearing kind or framed?
4. Draw the diagram explaining the difference?
5. How a concrete mix is designed ? (Explained theo. calculations )
6. That’s okay! Explain me, how strength is being ensured at field that we want?
7. What tests are carried out to determine strength of concrete?
8. How many minimum number of samples are necessary to carry out the compression testing?
9. What is the acceptance criteria and what does the avg of comp. strength gives us – Fm or Fck ?

He draws a wire of circular cross section having area A and forces at one end 10 kN and at other 6 kN.
10. What is he value of stress in the mid-point of the wire?
11. What will happen in this case ? Elaborate it?

Member 3

1. Can you name some disaster that occur due to water. (Did a blunder here : answered fukushima nuclear disaster instead of obvious flood , tsunami and lanslide etc)
2. What is flood ?
3. What is the maximum level of water in stream called?
4. Name the type of spillway gates that are used in dam? ( no idea at all)
5. What steps should we take when one of the spillway gate is rusted and is taken to the workshop for repair, to stop the overflow ?
6. What is landslide ?
7. How did it occur?
8. How does snow causes landslide?
9. What is water hammer pressure ? How do we prevent it?