Friends my earlier post was on Tips and Tricks for GS and English, you can find it here

In this post I will be sharing my experience of techniques I followed during my days of preparation which kept me focused, and productive. It helped me manage my stress during the exam period.

Had anybody told me that my breath is a key to my Mind and the Productivity I would have laughed my kidneys out!

During the Happiness program (Art of Living’s foundation course) I was blown away by the experience of Sudarshan Kriya. In the beginning I was told that something big was about to come, at the end of the 6th day it was evident. I wanted to explore more and more into spirituality. Spirituality became my quest. Fortunately I got an opportunity for an advanced course at the Bangalore center.  It’s a place where peace and tranquility vibrates in the atmosphere. I completed the Advanced Meditation Course with the directors of the course, Bawa and Dinesh and returned to my normal busy life. The Daily Meditation practices got integrated into my routine. It was during the following months I witnessed that the symptoms of chronic Bronchitis (Asthma) had disappeared completely. Earlier every year around the month of October I used to get the asthma attacks, the condition had exacerbated year after year. Now I no longer need those steroids and inhalers.  My gray hair got restored to their original black color. My health improved gradually. I felt more active and lively and above all, serenity and calmness dawned on me. Being more focused I could devote quality time to studies.  My Engineering course got completed and my grades gradually improved from 50pc to 83pc.

Now I took a greater challenge for myself – UPSC Engineering services. By devoting quality time to my Practices I maintained a very focused and systematic approach towards my daily studies. I did my BE in Instrumentation but I had to appear for Telecommunication paper, the syllabus was quite new for me. I gave my first attempt but couldn’t qualify for the interview. Few months later I went for an SSB Army Tech interview. On the 4th day of the interview I met with a freak accident. I had to be admitted and operated. In this process I missed my SSB conference thereby getting rejected in the interview.

I was confined to bed for around 4 months after the surgery. I prepared again for my ESE-13 exam. The result was not positive this time, though the score was much closer to the cut-off. Following the exam I tutored some students in a coaching institute. This time I started preparing for the ESE-14 in Feb. I kept doing my Practices with sincerity. My daily meditation practices were the major source of inspiration and enthusiasm. I would normally start my day with little workout, Sudarshan Kriya and meditation. I noticed that it was not the number of hours devoted to the study, but the amount of time I was actually attentive, in the Present moment!

This time I performed much better in all the 5 papers, I got AIR-25. Looking at the past I see two perpetual sources of support and inspiration for me, my Parents and my Meditation Practices. I feel blessed to receive this knowledge when I needed it the most.

Shikhar Mehta,

AIR-25, Indian Engineering Services-14