name – ran singh godara

ese rank – 22

interview marks – 130

interview panel – H.C gupta

branch – ece

Interview questions and answers :
The interview panel consisted of a chairperson and three technical expert members.

Questions from the Chairperson:
1) Which place do you belong to?(i answered hisar)
2) tell me somethhing about yourself.(basic of education and family i have told)
3) what are you doing right now.( doing mtech from iit delhi in telecomm. branch)
4)he asked about thesis and what technical  papers and journals i am following for my thesis.( my project/thesis area was cryptography and network security in that
image and vedio encryption and decryption algorithms . i have been followning ieee papers on that topic so i told him name of some papers.)

Questions from Member 1:
1) what is stagnography.( i answered in detail as it is related to my project area cryptography and network security)
2) what is stagnalysis.(it is used for decryption of stagnography).
3) what is DES explain in detail.(it is data encryption system a standard algorithm for encryption of data . i answerd in detail.)
4) why DES is outdated.(des uses 56 bit long key maximum so security is 2^56 which is easily breakable now a days.)
5) what is AES.(aes is advance encryption system . i explained it.)
6) why aes is better than des.(key lenth is 128 to 256 in aes so security is 2^128  and i gave comparison between aes and des.)

Questions from member 2:
1) what is correlation coefficient.(i give formula of correlation coefficient.)
2) what is physical significance of correlation coeficient(they were not satisfied with formula. they want physical meaning.) – i explained by
taking a example from my project that two image points should be low correlated with each other for perfectly encrypted image and correlation
coefficiant should be 0.
3) what is role of correlation coefficient in communication.(i give example using gussian distribution.)
4) what is gussian distribution and why it is so famous and widely used.( i answerd because of central limit theorm and most phenomina follow this)
5) how gussian distribution is used in design of reciver in digital comm. system.(i give the design conciderations and probality of error estimation technique.)

Questions from member 3:
1) what is rician and rayleigh distribution.(i give formula.)
2) draw rician and rayleigh distribution on a paper.( i drawed on paper i was a bit confused but a member helped me.)
3) some basic question on satellite comm. like  what is geosyncronouse satellite and how many are needed for full earth coverage and importance and limmitation of
satellite comm. and some freqquency ranges.
4)some basic questions on optical communication and latest mobile technology like 3g and 4g etc.

Personal experience of Interview:
interview panel was very helpful and friendly . they were very polite and nice people .

Suggestion for future  aspirants:
1) they mostly ask application part of technology . they are not much intersted in formulas and etc. they mostly like physical significane and application.
2) stay calm and cool in interview and be honest(most imp.). if you do not know something honestly say i can not recall right now sir. do not try to give bogus answer.

ALL THE BEST…I hope this will be helpful for some of the aspirants