Friends appearing for ESE-15 I am sharing some thoughts on selection of Practice questions and the importance of Test series.

Most of us face a lot of problem while solving previous year questions and Test series. Every second question appears to have new concept. Many times we complain “this is out of syllabus”, “c’mon this topic was not covered in the subject”.

Let’s analyze our problem this way…

When you give a mock test, usually you are able to attempt 25 questions out of 50.Now what happens when you look at the solutions of those wrong/unattempt questions? You actually feel that the solution of almost 45 out of the total 50 was known to you. You were either not able to recall the concept/formula or it simply didn’t strike your mind. In other words 45/50 questions HAD BEEN COVERED IN YOUR NOTES and only 5 questions actually were new. To make sure all these questions from the notes get attempted, you have to practice different questions from every possible good/relevant source.

You should start this way…

Gate previous year (assuming that you are already done with them)

ESE previous year ECE (must)

ESE previous year EE (they are of EE but still much more relevant than any practicing any bsnl JTO paper.)

Then you should go for JRF net question papers. They are really quality questions. Sometimes carry better concept than the gate questions.

You can then get ISRO, BARC, and other papers online.

Practice them, as they will broaden your knowledge and increase your confidence. While doing so do mark important and very important questions (having critical concepts). Do important questions once again while preparing for the subject wise test series. And see very important questions in the last week, since during the last days u cannot go thru all the notes and yet cannot afford to leave any subject completely. So Test series is a Must and discussion is much more important as you complete the syllabi.

Importance of a Test Series

Some institutes like Panacea discuss the question paper in detail after each test. That is highly recommended. if for e.g. you are able to solve 80/120 questions during the test, I feel that it is not something to be happy about. In fact you were able to do those bcoz you had already known that concept. But If you are able to discuss/know those remaining 40 (these are either new questions or the concept involved In those questions didn’t strike you at that point of time.) you will really be able to take something back with you. So apart from time management gaining knowledge should be the aim of the test series. Unfortunately Made Easy TS is not at all suitable for this. They generally never discuss their TS! Moreover the quality of questions In Panacea TS is high. The questions are highly selective. Unlike other institutes which simply provide a similar toughness in TS as that of the UPSC /GATE exam. Every question carries some concept which the examiner wants to convey.

It’s OK. I am not saying that you go to Delhi and join Panacea but understanding which type of questions are to be done (even while self-studying ) is Very important. Some topics like waveguide, antenna, and transmission lines are given in well comprehensive manner in Panacea classroom notes. Do buy those notes.

So to sum it up Good questions + discussion will be effective during the last 3 months and the last 3 months should be devoted to problem solving and Test series.

For the last few days your strategy should be different.

Last time Strategy

During the last two weeks don’t take up anything new. Just practice the solved questions, and the ones you had marked earlier for review. The focus should be more on retaining what you have gained in the last 6 months. The formula should be recalled effortlessly and accurately during the high pressure exam time. This point will be clear to you once you start giving mock tests (doing questions in a time bound way). Next I will post about preparation of GS part.

Shikhar Mehta

AIR-25 ESE-14