Name : Mohit Kumar Aggarwal

Branch : ECE

Rank : 8

Marks in order: 107.22, 147.78, 148.33, 116, 108, 90 (total 717)

Profile : I am currently working in BEL . As BEL is six days working so I used to study 4-5 hours regularly. I seriously started preparing for engineering services from Jan-2014. As I had good academic background ,I was able to score a decent rank in ESE-2014. Here, I am sharing my preparation strategy. I had confined my study material due to less time available for preparation.


  1. I referred made-easy handwritten notes for all subjects except control systems.
  2. Books that I referred for various subjects are as given below:
  • Material science : SP Seth(referred only few topics for better understanding),

NCERT chemistry class XII-chapter 1(for crystals packing etc.)

  • EDC : Millman & Halkias
  • Signals and systems : any book may be referred as this subject is completely


  • Network Theory: Two port network, graph theory, network synthesis from sudhakar Bali and rest from notes only.
  • EM theory : Sadiku (few topics only where understanding was less from notes).
  • Measurement : Wikipedia and internet stuff
  • Analog : Millman & Halkias
  • Digital : Morris Mano
  • Microwave :Kulkarni and some topics from Liao
  • Communication : Analog comm. From singh and sapre , Digital communication from Simon Haykins, Probability Theory from Simon Haykins.
  • Control Systems : Hasan saeed
  • Computer and microprocessor : computer Engineering from Morris Mano, Microprocessor from Gaonkar.

Objective questions:

Last 15 Years questions only.

Subjective questions:

As I have referred books too, so I did not practice any previous years questions.

General ability : I did not study much for this section. Made-easy book can be referred for this section. Life science portion is easy and scoring. Polity section is interesting and class XI NCERT ‘Constitution of India’ can be referred. In history portion read modern history only. Use atlas while studying geography for better understanding. Depend more on internet based info. Do ,solve previous 10 years questions.

Some Important points:

  • Do practice objective previous questions more than twice (solving only specific questions third time)
  • Do regular studies. This exam is all about confidence. If you are studying regularly your confidence will not lose.
  • Conventional previous years questions can be solved (I can’t do it because of shortage of time).Give special attention to microwave, analog, EDC, and EM waves for conventional as other subjects conventional can be solved from objective preparation also.
  • Internet help may be taken for better understanding of some topics.
  • Understanding of topics is essential rather than solving too much same type of questions. So, do pay attention for understanding of topics only.
  • The most important thing is if you are preparing a subject then prepare it completely; first prepare theory and then questions. You will feel more confident about that subject.

Best of luck!!