10363741_940918215952560_1176429716615245490_nHello Friends,

i prepared along with M.Tech so my prepration strategy was different. I did not start from begining because i have got some base already as i have cleared gate 2013.I was doing mtech from iit delhi in telecomm. branch.

i seriously started preparing for ies 2014 when ies 2013 written result came(oct. 2013) and i was not called for interview. I feel very bad at that time and take very strong decision to top ies exam.before that i was preparing but not so seriously just reading topics just for interst and doing things just for interst and passing time in name of prepration!

i couldnot prepare along mtech because of hectic workload of semester. so nov. was over and my 1st sem was completed.i have got complete dec. free(in jan nxt sem will be starting).

For prep. 1st thing i did was i make a plan for prep. i decided to give gate again because by doing so my 8-9 subject would be completed. and after gate i will complete rest of subjects and gs. For gate i make a monthly plan as well as weekly plan and that plan was on my wall of room(i have left iit hostel for dec and jan and take a single room in jia sarai).In my study plan i have predecided what i have to cover based on my own analysis(theory and practise). i read made easy notes, ace acadmey notes and for some topics some material from internet i have read. For practise i decided to solve knodia only and give test series(made easy,gatefourm and ace test series). so that was planning only thing left was execution.

In dec i completed almost all theory of gate once .because time was less so i thought i will revise along with test series.In jan sem. begin and only thing i did was to give daily 2 test and remove my weak points from there and revise based on test performance.I did well in test and usually got below 50 rank by this my confidence increases. this way jan goes and then i have given gate. Regarding gate – this exam is differnt then ies and mostly checks the apptitude and smartness of candidate and totally concept based.

after gate i did not waste time and completed 4 subjects in feb and march. Then gate result come at end of march it was great distraction. i have got air 28 in gate 2014 after that prep for ies had slow down and spend time mostly partying(in gate good rank is also bad and bad rank is also bad) . semester work was also there so had to complete that and along with that farewell party to seniors and placement party from seniors(i realy regret how much time i have wasted after gate result).

then finally sem over in mid of may and i again started preparing very seriously. I completed gs and done one full revison of technical subjects.

regarding gs – focus much on english and polity, history(modern india only),and life science. do not waste time on current affairs or gk.and due to time shortage cannot do geography(i regret later for this).

finally and most important — do not forget to live your life during prepration. keep your hobbies alive and stay cheerful enjoy your prepration . this will give you much more energy.i use to do jogging daily for atleast 4 day in a week ( running is my hobby).Always spend some time with friends .This had given me much more energy for my work.