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Theory: I was a regular classroom student of Made Easy. As per me, class notes of Made easy will suffice. Especially in subjects like EMT, Material Science, Communication Systems, I didn’t refer any book. After going through notes rigorously, I referred to books only in case of specific doubts.

My book list for certain subjects:

Machines : Nagrath and Kothari.

Power Systems : Nagrath.

Power Electronics : P.S. Bhimbra

Questions : I practiced previous year questions for both objective and subjective papers. As you might notice, there are questions in objective exam which are of repetitive nature. Don’t ignore them. Other than previous year questions, I didn’t follow any book for objective papers. For subjective, I did some solved examples from Machines, Power Systems and Power Electronics books which I have mentioned above. My primary focus was on previous year questions.

General Studies and English : Again, I followed Made easy class notes and some parts of their printed material. Questions from Life Science are factual and hence, are of scoring nature. Other than life science, polity and modern history need to be done properly.

For English and current affairs, I have been a regular reader of The Hindu and hence, I was very much comfortable with current affairs questions (though very few are asked). Reading newspaper regularly, improved my vocabulary to a great extent which helped me indirectly in answering questions based on synonyms etc. For English grammar portion, I solved previous year questions. The grammar rules for answering such questions need to be remembered. Again, there are certain grammar rules on which questions are asked very frequently. Focus on those.

I have tried to address some most commonly asked queries. Feel free to message me in case of any other specific doubts.

Wish you all luck!