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My interview experience:

B.E. (E&T) (University of Mumbai)
M.E. (Comm. Engg Bits Pilani)

Hobby: To read about mobile technology.

Chairman ( Kilemsungla Mam)
1) Which is latest  mobile technology?
2) Do I need a new phone for that?
3) But old age people cannot use hi-fi phones…what do you suggest!?
4) If I buy a new phone..it will generate e-waste…what about that…how to manage?
5) Can we give our old computers and devices to underprivileged people…will that be a problem?
6) What’s the future of communication?

1) which companies have deployed 4G…is it really 4G?
2)Apart from mobile communication,what are other types of communication?
3) Explain transmission through optical fibre
4) Max range.
5) Explain Sat Comm
6) Is Iridium still used?
7) People nowadays link mobile tower radiation with cancer..your opinion!?
8) You know SAR…what is it and what is its limit?
9) Have you heard about 4K technology (Ultra HD) in TV?

Member 2
1) Source used in radar?
2) difference between reflex klystron and magnetron?

Member 3)
DSP related questions.

So since I was a communication student the questions asked to me were based on communication and it’s applications.

Panel chief always asks situational questions since being an officer you need to know how to deal with real life situations and your interaction with the panel chief is of utmost importance since the panel chief is going to decide your interview marks.

For preparation, what I would suggest that like me if you are a Masters student, prepare your field of specialization perfectly including the concepts, what’s latest in your field,what is the future in your field and development of this field and it’s future in India.

Go through sites of TRAI,ITU,ISO and FCC to understand various parameters like power radiated, call rates,health and environmental impacts.