Regarding ESE Interview:

Congrats to all who are selected.  For your reference you can read:

Some common questions you MUST prepare though not asked frequently

1. Introduce yourself.

2. Why do you to be an IES?

3. Why should you be selected?

4. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

5. Why have you chosen X as your 1st service preference and Y as your last?

6.. What are your hobbies and why?  What are the practical applications of your hobbies? What is the difference between hobby and interest? Why don’t you make one of your hobbies as your profession?

7. Why is a drop of marks in your B.Tech? Tell me some  experiences of your college life.

8. What will you do if not selected this time? Why don’t you go for Civil Services right away? If you are selected in IES, will you still go for Civil services?

9. What are your favourite subjects? What is your current work profile and do you like it?

10. Miscellaneous questions like what have you learnt from your parents, what will you do your first salary, will you prefer job first or marriage first, where do you see yourself in 5 years ,meaning of your name, significance of your birthdate and the day of your interview, your roll number, latest news of that day….

While answering these , keep in mind following points :

1.  Be dressed formally and look fresh and presentable. Politely ask to enter the room, walk upto the panel, wish woman first and then male members. Wait for them to ask you to seat.

2.  Do not criticize your past college, school or job. But at the same time, highlight good points of IES.

3.  Do not answer when you do not know. Politely say that you don’t know.

4. But if you want to guess, ask for their permission.  But do not guess much.

5. While answering maintain eye contact with the panel. Sit straight, do not sit cross – legged and avoid hand movements.

6. Do not disrespect panel and do not argue.  But be confident on what you say. Maintain a polite smile on your face.

7. Prepare every word you have written in your DAF.

Regarding service preference.

Service in railways is hectic, placements initially in rural areas but best in terms of facility and long term career.  If you want to settle in IES only, then choose railways. ( The Railway Stores service is non technical ). If you want to prepare further and wanta less hectic jo, choose others like ITS or WPC in ECE.

Ask respective group admins for more details on service preferences.

ECE Admin: Ankur Gupta Ashish Choudhary Rohit Jain

EE Admin: Sachin Goyal

CIVIL Admin: Ankit Sharma

Please do give 2 or 3 mock interviews.

Prepare questions of recent issues and technical developments.

Some past years interview experiences from our blog


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And last thing : Since you got all this information without much effort due to contribution from past candidates so in return you are also requested to upload your experience here in this group after interview. It will surely help next year’s aspirants. And specially the future toppers and successful candidates, if you are reading this then please do share your strategies an experiences.

All the best.

-Kunal Srivastava

Rank 1 ESE 2012

Rank 44 GATE 2013