Regarding page on hobbies, medals, etc.

(A) Particulars of prizes,medals scholarships,etc.

Here mention any sports,  debates, event awards won in school or college. If no such achievement( like me), you can also mention any exam rank. Like in 10th,12th Board, IIT JEE or AIEEE, GATE, etc. I had mentioned AIEEE and GATE.

(B) Team/Games/Sports/N.C.C.      /Hitchhiking/Mountaineering etc.

Here any sports only in school, college or appropriate level. Mention even if you HAVEN’T won any awards. Like I had mentioned LAN Computer Gaming.

(C) Position(s) of distinction Leadership held in School/College

Here mention if any event organizer, team leader, etc. I had mentioned Organizer of college technical event.

(D) Other extra curricular activities and interests (Such as hobbies etc.)

This section is MUST. Fill up atleast 2 entries not more than 3. Please keep these points:

1) Hobbies should NOT be absurd like sleeping, eating..

2) If hobbies can be performed at the spot, like singing, sketching, etc, BE READY TO PERFORM in front of the panel

3) Prepare current affairs questions on your hobbies. Like for Chess, match between Carlsen and Anand.

4) Thoroughly reserach your hobbies and prepare expected questions and revise.

5) Do not lie about your hobbies.

6) Don’t mention any CONTROVERSIAL hobbies like politics, etc. where arguments can occur.

7) And lastly if you have so far no hobbies (Like ME), mention easy hobbies. I had mentioned hobbies of Solving Sudoku, Watching English and Hindi movies and writing spoof articles. None if these can be performed on the spot neither much of current affairs.

Do not leave any thing blank on this page. This is the summary of your life so far and it gives first impression, and may be last, of you to the panel.