One of the most commonly asked questions in IES interview is regarding your service preferences, especially first and last. The panel wants you to answer diplomatically with a clear future in mind. So:

Q.How to justify railways as your first choice?

A. Sir, I have filled choices after seeking much advice and thoughts. I have exercised choices depending on my priorities and long term goals.  Railways is my first choice because it is a matter of prestige to work in the biggest department of the government and the lifeline of the nation. People identify Engineering Servies with Railways and it is a department with personnel from diversified and elite services.Also there is ample scope of modernisation. Recently there is much thrust on introducing new technologies and with projects like Diamond quadrilateral and bullet trains, so I see a very satisfying career full of challenges and opportunities.

(But be ready to be asked on Railways history, current affairs on railways, etc.)

For ECE:

Q. Why is ITS your first choice?

A. Sir, I have exercised my choices after much consultation and thoughts and weighing different options. I have chosen ITS as first preference because of my interest in mobile technology and I believe that Indian Telecom market will grow by leaps and bounds in times to come. With advent of technologies like 3G, 4G and ubiquity of smartphones, I think the best phase is yet to come. Besides, cellular services help us really connect people on various levels and is a key driver of economic growth. It can help government achieve some key targets like e-governance.

(Be ready to be asked on technicalities of 3G, 4G, internet, broadband, BSNL, etc..)

Q. Why is service X your last?

( They want you to not criticize X but answer politely)

A. Sir, I exercised choices eclectically. I have already chosen Engineering services as my career and the list indicates only a realtive order of my preferences. I am not averse to joining service X. If I am selected, I will consider joining it.

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-Kunal Srivastava

Rank 1 ESE 2012

Rank 44 GATE 2013