We find many people studying and studying and studying continuously for days, months & even years in some case, without any substantial success in examinations.

On the other hands, there are some people who enjoy every aspect of their life even then they manage to clear the examinations in their first attempt! How does that happen? Where was the difference created?


You may say that the second guy might be a genius, a prodigy having exceptionally good intelligence. Ok, I agree that some will be like that, but not everyone is like that. What the first type of people are missing is the right approach. How?

Let’s take an example.

I guess that you must have played the game of carom sometime in our life upto now.. Whether you enjoy it or not is not the question here.

Suppose you have a carrom tournament 10 days from now. You go to market, buy a truckload of books about carrom, search on Wikipedia, join carrom groups on facebook, join google groups about carrom etc etc.. You lock yourself in a room with those books & for minimum distraction, you switch off your phone. You discuss with people on the groups & read the books.

Now, you do this continuously for 10 days. What will happen at the tournament?

Will you win? I doubt you could even win a single match!

So, what was the problem with your approach? Everyone thought that you were preparing for the tournament very well but you fell directly on your face.

The thing is that- You missed the rule of the game.

In carrom you don’t get points for knowing about the game, but to play the game well. Unless you can show what you know, your knowledge is useless.

Can you see where am I going with this?

To win, you should know the rules first.

In exams like GATE or IES, or most of the examinations of the world,

You are judged on the basis of your solutions that you do within a fixed period of time, and that’s all!

You will not be judged on the basis of-

How much have you studied,

How many hours have you studied,

Whether you joined coachings etc

So, if you are preparing without practicing, you are digging your own grave. In the end, you will think like-“ I always study so much, but I never get to clear the exams.. I have a bad luck..”

Dear friend, bad luck is nothing but your own thinking & deeds.

Moreover, thinking like this, will not fetch you anything but more disappointment.

So, pick up a pen & paper & start practicing if you haven’t started till now. GATE is only a few months away.

Ending this article with this apt chinese proverb-

I hear and I forget.
I see and I remember.
I do and I understand.

All the best 🙂

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