I have a big problem.

Somehow, I don’t feel myself interested in a task that don’t pose a challenge to me. Or if I couldn’t create something new in it. Many of my friends will agree to this.

I like to do things differently. But we are not here to talk about me. We are here to talk about you. I feel that making things work differently makes it interesting.

Since you are an aspirant, many times you must be feeling that you are losing interest in the studies. The only way to keep yourself motivated is to make the subject matter interesting.

But how to make it interesting? That’s the first question that we have in front of us. I am giving you some pointers on this.


  1. Visualize it- Whenever you are studying anything, try to visualize it. Visualize in the most bizzare manner. You should visualize it in color, you should feel like a movie is running in front of you. It may be tough if you are studying too technical topic but once you become proficient in this, you will find it cool. It has two added benefits- first, it improves the chances of it being stored in your long term memory & second, it improves your IQ! Yes, I have to write another post on this.

  2. Timify it- Yes you read it right. TIMIFY! I have made this word myself & since it is my blog I hold all the rights to invent new words. By the way, Timify = Time + Amplify. I do it by attaching every task with time. If you are solving problems, fix a time period to do it. Do it in short intervals. Say, you put up an alarm for 15 minutes & then you see how much can you do it in those 15 minutes. It improves your concentration & saves you from wasting time in daydreaming.

  3. Compete with yourself- Test yourself regularly & try to beat your last score. Try it hard. The moment you start competing with yourself, you will pave a way for yourself to the top. Don’t compete with others, it will make you jealous & will have effect on personal relations.

  4. Be creative Please agree to disagree with the conventional ways of doing things. Even If every person on this earth is adopting an approach, it doesn’t means that it is the best approach. Try inventing your own, simple, more efficient ways to do things. One example was the presentation making which I discussed in my last post.

  5. Most Importantly, use your brain-  Don’t just read something, absorb it. Think about it. It will make the subject matter more interesting.

So, that’s all for today. I hope this post will help you in sticking to your books for at least an extra second. 😉

See you in my next post, till then.. Keep studying, Keep timifying & always remember-

Winners dont do different things,they do things differently