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Dear aspirants,

We all have seen huge increase the cut-off marks of IES and other exams over past years. For example in IES ECE cut- offs were 554 in 2010, 576 in 2011, 607 in 2012 and 636 in 2013 out of 1200. The reason is more and more candidates getting diverted to careers in IES, GATE and PSU’s as private sector is declining and it does not give any job security.

But coaching is not required if you know which books to prepare from. There is no substitute of self-study and hard work. Coachings can give you direction but ultimately you have to do all the hard work. Coaching provides notes and tests based upon latest pattern and so they often ignore some important topics. Also most of them lack professionalism as they keep changing their faculties. Its better if you can prepare  by yourself with a good friends circle.


So to stay ahead you may need professional assistance from coaching institutes. To choose which coaching to join please keep following points in mind:

1) Most of the published results by all coaching institutes are fake. Do not go  by results published. Rather you should ask the students who have studied there previously and ask their satisfaction level.

2) Remember you do not join a coaching institute brand but you go to attend classes of qualified teachers. Before joining always be sure about which faculties will be teaching you. Many coachings falsely claim big, famous names but when time comes then they simply give excuses and teach by some one else. Most of them keep changing their faculties yearly. So may be a good faculty of last year will not be this year. If possible ask for demo classes and then only join.

3) Always enquire about the profiles of the faculty who is going to teach you. People who have cleared exams like IES and GATE are good at teaching, guiding and understanding your problems. While those have not cleared these exams can never guide you and will waste your time and money. Many people who came years ago to prepare and could not clear any exam have themselves started to teach by copying various market notes. Beware of them!!!!!

4) Always ask all of your doubts from your faculties before or after the class. You go to coachings because you need personal attention from them else you can also buy notes and prepare. How a faculty handles your doubts will tell you a lot about his/her knowledge, ability to help and confidence. High student-to-faculty ratio means little interaction with faculty.

5) Try to have your residence close to your coaching institute to save travel time.


I think these pints will surely help you in choosing suitable institute.