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RANK 1 IES 2012 RANK 44 GATE 44

RANK 1 IES 2012

General Studies + English

  • In my opinion, this paper produces differences in the final rank because most people get too busy while preparing for technical papers.
  • Scoring in this paper is easy if you’ve studied selectively as there is no syllabus defined here.
  • For GS part, divide the syllabus in contents like History, Polity, Geography, Economics, Life Sciences and current affairs. First refer to the past 10 or 20 years question papers of ESE and CDS exams of UPSC. Mark the topics mostly asked. For example History has nearly lost its importance in ESE nowadays. But anyways refer to the standard books like NCERT of +2 level and read only the topics asked. No need to study the whole book. After you’ve finished selectively reading the textbook, keep on practicing these past years’ questions. Ultimately you will memorise and form a pattern of choosing the right option. If you wish more practice refer to Lucent’s GS book containing only the past years questions of various competitive exams.
  • Even though current affairs is not important for ESE but you can read newspaper headlines from front page, sports, and national and international sections. No need to make notes just read carefully once. The Hindu is highly recommended. Else reading one magazine a month is more than sufficient. I would suggest Frontline magazine. One can read them online also.
  • English section must be focused upon more than GS section. For English part, more emphasis must be given on grammar part like spotting errors, sentence & paragraph arrangements, word substitution and comprehension. Antonyms and synonyms are not that important because if you can’t recall exact words, then you can’t take risks in exam. I would suggest Hari Mohan Prasad book for competitive English. It is a complete book covering all the aspects required in a very good fashion and large number of practice questions. Even questions come directly from there.
  • GS + English should be dealt on a daily basis because basically you have to memorise. So 2 to 3 hours a day is sufficient in 7 to 8 months of preparation time.
  • Notes available on GS and English are not exhaustive. Better read books and magazines.
  • 100/200 is more than good. I was able to score 116/200.

Wishing you all the best


AIR 1 ESE 2012, AIR 44 GATE 2013