Date of Interview -16/01/2014
Chairperson – Manbir Singh sir
Branch – ECE

1.u hv cmpltd ur graduation in 2012, wht r u doing after dat?
2.Tell me abt employment opportunities, agriculture, industry or anything famous abt karauli(hometown)?
3.Red stone used in Rashtrapati bhawan is the same from karauli or not?

1. Hv u desinged/worked on a project outside clg?
2. Name of the project designed/worked in clg?
3. Name of the subs studied in the final sem?
4. How 2 identifiy the Anode n Cathode terminals in a Diode and E,B,C terminals in BJT?
5. Resistance colour code trick?
6. Temperature dependency of resistance of conducture n semicunducture, same or not?
7. What is mobility?

1.Asked abt project?
2.Appls of Transistor?
3.Diff b/w Analog and Digital Electronics?
4.Appls of Digital electronics?
5.Appls of Analog elecct?
6.Universal gate?
7.Use/appls of universal gate?

1.Suppose der is 1v potential at a point on the conducture then what will be the potential at other point on the conducture?
2.If conducture is made infinitly large then potential at that point?
3.What is line integral of Force?
4.Then told me nw try to relate or think abt the potential for infinitaly large conductor?

then chairperson told me to leave……. Board members were cooperating well n trying 2 get answers by giving hints..
All the best guys..