Date of Interview- 16 January 2014
Chairperson- Manbir Singh

1. You have done your education at different places(10th,12th, B.Tech). Why is it so?
2. Tell me how was your experience in Jalandhar(since I have done B.Tech at NIT Jalandhar)? How was the city, people, infrastructure, faculty at college?(Was very much interested to hear about Jalandhar since he belongs from Punjab. Told some new things about Jalandhar also)

Most of the technical questions were from Telecom domain since I have earlier worked at Ericsson.

1. What is the difference between Soft and Hard Handover?
2. What is the difference between 2G and 3G?
3. What is 8-PSK?
4. What is the relation between bit rate and symbol rate in 8-PSK?
5. What is Sampling Rate? Is it the minimum or maximum rate at which sampling need to be done?
6. What if sampled below Nyquist Rate?
7. Explain Aliasing.

1. What is solar panel and explain its principle
(Got a bit confused while explaining it. Same question was asked earlier yesterday, since now only single panel is there for ECE. So would suggest to have a look on previous day questions. Who knows you might get lucky!!!)

1. What is Multimedia?(Since my work profile was handling of MMS server)
1. What is the difference between 3G and 4G?
2. What is OFDM?
3. What is the frequency used in 4G?
4. What is the frequency used in CDMA?
5. What is the frequency that is to be auctioned in coming future?(Prepare yourself for some basic current affair questions which are anyhow related to you or which you are going to tell during interview.)
6. Which on is premium band?(900 MHz or 1800 MHz)?
7. Could we do a conference call between CDMA phone and GSM phone?

Board was quite cordial and helping.
All the best guys……