My interview Experience
Interview Date : 6 Jan. 2014
UPSC Chairperson: Vinay
Branch –Mechanical
Questions –
Chairperson:- ur name is Sunil
Kumar. U did ur btech in
automobile engg from lingaya
inst. Of mgt nd tech. Is this a
private clg?
Chairperson- u r doing mtech
in design eng. ok u got a
runner-up prize in junkyard.
Wt is dat?
Chairperson- what is utility of
wooden air engine?
Chairperson- where it is used
now a days? What is the
Chairperson- one of ur hobby
is teaching children. Tell me
about dat.
Chairperson- u do it for a
noble cause.
Chairperson- why diesel
engine is more efficient than
petrol? Although diesel is
more efficient but diesel have
more black smoke and
carbon particles?
1 tech-
what are technology to
reduce emission?
What is bharat stage4?
What are the pollutants or
emission from vehicle?
2 tech
What is the different type of
braking used in automobile?
What is advantage of disc
brake over drum brake?
How braking is done in ship?
Chairperson- what is dynamic
braking in rail?
2 tech –continue
Types of stainless steel ?
What are the alloying element
in stainless steel?
Can we do welding on
stainless steel?
What will be the effect of
welding on it
3 tech
What is mach no?
In subsonic flow it is less
than 1 or more?
In supersonic flow ?
difference btwn turboprop nd turbojet?
Difference btw nozzle and
What is air density?
Density of petrol?
Which one have density
petrol or water?
Density of mild steel?
Chairperson- we add some
additive in petrol? What is
dat? We obtained it from
some jatropha tree?
Chairperson- in what
proportion we add bio-diesel
in diesel ?
Chairperson- ok how will u
contribute to the indian
railway service if u join?