Interview Date : 6/1/2014
Panel : Manbir Singh
Branch : E & T

I was the final candidate on that day. I attended a conference in Orlando, USA last year

Chair :
So you attended a conference. tell me about that.
What are the research activities going on at IIT Madras?
How the research that you do will be helpful?
Do you get benefit from the conferences?
How the research is useful for the society and how will you compare the industrial and academic research?

Tech 1: (Questions were NOT related to my M.S subject)

What are radio waves?
Frequency of TV broadcasting?
Modes of propagation of radio waves?
Micro strip lines?
Impedance matching using micro strip lines?
How it will act as a band stop filter?
(I could answer only 50%)

Tech 2:
What is frequency sharing?
What are the methods and how effectively it is done?
What is GPS?
Application of GPS?

(Could answer 90%)

Tech 3: (All about my research. so no need to worry)

Why Si is not Lasing?
Explain E-K diagram of a semiconductor?
How one can make an indirect band gap to a direct one?
What is WDM?
What is AWG?
Working principle?
How good is SOI?
Fabrication technologies on Silicon?

(Could answer 100%)

Interview was constructive. No questions on hobby.

Soon after this chairman told me to leave. I thanked him and left the room.

Total time was around 20 minutes

All the best dear friends

Expecting marks around 110