My Engineering services interview
(electronics and telecommunication)
Board David shemlliha ,as don’t remember d exact name.
Date:29 April 2013
Duration:30 to 35 mins
Chair person:shashitosh u r working in DRDO as scientist B,what about dis job?how is ur job?
Me:sir,job is very good.
Cp:he smiled,then why r u preparing for ES?
Me:sir,I have been preparing for es since my btech,it is my dream to be selected for engineering services bcoz this is d most prestigious job for any engineering graduate.2nd thing sir,I m more interested in techno managerial type of job,In my school level also I was involved in some administrative level work,I was deputy senapati dere and I was always a member of school level cabinet. so ies wud be more satisfactory to me.
Cp:u lyk to playing cricket,we all know dat this game is given to us by british people,any other game which is given to us by them?
Me:I thought for 5 -6 seconds,and replied ,sir it is golf.
Cp:ummm,u can say but I thing it is given to us by US.
Me:I smiled and told ok sir.
Cp:any other game?
Me:I started thinking,cp interrupts me,it does not require that much of thinking.
Me:sorry sir, I don’t know.
Cp:ur hobby is music..
Me:no sir ,I lyk listening songs
Cp:ok ok music has broader aspect..,which type of songs u lyk to listen?
Me:sir,bollywood songs.
Cp:do u know about folk songs?
Me:yes sir,these r regional songs,show traditional view.
Cp:which is richer in classical singing folk songs or bollywood songs?
Me:after thinking I told bollywood songs
Cp:no , folk songs,bollywood songs,just copy and paste…
Me:thank u sir
(Maine man hi man socha tum kuchh bhi bol do manana to padega hi)
Then he passed to member 1
M1:shashitosh u lyk songs…u know about lata mangeshkar
Me:yes sir
(Although he did not ask about my favorite singer,but he asked q related to lata ji.i was well prepared for kishor da,as he is my favorite singer)
M1:at wht age she started singing?
Me:sorry sir, I don’t know
M1:in which movie she started her career?
Me:sorry sir I don’t know,but I was not nervous was very calm.
M1:how many sisters and brothers lata mangeshkar having?
Me:sir I know about sisters but do not know about her brothers.
M1:who r d sisters?
Me:sir,asha ji and usha mangeshkar.
M1:recently one famous play back singer u know d name of dat singer?
Me:yes sir she was Shamshad begum.
M1:yes ,right.
M1:recently one play back singer got lyf time award by another play back singer do u know?
Me:I thought for a bit,sir,I m not sure but if u allow me I can guess.
M1:ok guess.
Me:sir,this prize is given to Asha bhoshle and given by lata mangeshkar.
M1:yes u r right,but dat is not a prize,it is award.
Me:ohh sorry sir..
M1:u know about curl?what is its physical significance?
Me:sorry sir ,I m unable to recall..
M1:suppose if u r selected for Indian which field u wud lyk to work?
Me:sir,In d field of microwave and communication.
M1:what is ur favourite sub?
Me:sir,microwave but during my btech it was digital and analog communication.
M1:what is ur present work in DRDO?
Me:sir we r designing transmitters by using travelling wave tube(TWT).
M1:what r d other tubes?
M1:what is d use of magnetron?
Me:as microwave sourse as it is an oscillator
M1:any domestic use of magnetron as sourse?
Me:I was puzzled,I told in RADAR in ILS(instrument landing systems)
M2:no no we r asking about domestic product.
Me:ohh it is microwave oven.
M2;yes ryt.
M2:why u r using only TWT?
Me:as we r designing electronic warfare systems,we need power in broadband,we cud use either klystrons or TWT,but klystrons r not broadband device as it use reentered cavities which is narrow band,but twt is broad band.
M2:ok ok.
M2:what is d limitations of TWT?
Me:sir as we increase d frequency level,power decreses…
M2:why u people r not using solid state amplifiers?
Me:sir as we working Ghz,more than 10 that much of power is not available by using solid state devices.
M2:which lab of drdo is working in solid state high power amplifiers?
(dat was blunder,as I did not know,but I shud know bcoz it is related to my organization drdo)
Mebade dukhi man se,sorry sir I don’t know.
M2:what r d antennas,ur lab is using?
Me:sir,parabolic reflectors and horn antennas.
M2:and what about spiral antenna?
Me:sorry sir, I have no idea.
M2:which type of horn antenna is used?
Me:sir,rectangular horn.
M2:dat sis sectoral horn?
Me:yes sir.
M2:sectoral In H plane or E plane?
Me:sir E plane.
M2:which type of polarization is being used in Horn antenna in ur lab?
Me:sir Slant polarization.
Me:sir it is having both component vertical and horizontal,so we can jam both horizontal and as wel as vertical polarized signal.
M2:ok ok ,he was agreed.
M2:what is d advantage of analog communication over digital communication?
Me:sir digital communication is immune to channel noise and it is free from additive channel noise.
(mujhe laga he was not convinced when I told free from additive channel noise)
2nd sir,it is more secure as we can use encryption at sending end.
3rd we can use multiplexing in digital communication.
M2:so what r d advantage of Analog communication over digital communication/
Me:sir in analog communication we require lesser bandwith as digital communication use encryption that’s why more bandwidth requied.
And sir analog systems r less complicated.
(but he was not much satisfied wid my ans ,aisa mujhe laga unka facial expression dekh kar)
Now passed to member 3
M3:as u told multiplexing,what is multiplxing?
Me:sir multiplexing is technique by which several no of users can use same channel.
M3:what r d different type of multiplexing?
Me:I told TDMA,FDMA and CDMA.
M3:which is more efficient?
Me:sir in what aspect?
M3:in terms of no of users?
Me:sir CDMA.
Me:sir dis is code division multiple access,depending upon d PN sequence we can assign different codes to different users,suppose It is 32 bit PN sequence,then 2^32-1 users can use single channel.
M2 and M3 were agreed.
(kyuk ki wo dono mujhe ek sath nazar aa rahe the…maine becch me dekha tha “tirchhi nazron” se ki chair person mujhe continuously notice kar raha tha,so maine apne andar ka darr bahar nai aane diya)
M3:what is d carrier freq of cdma?
Me:I thought a bit,I told sorry sir I don’t know but I can guess(wid smile)
M3:no lve it(wid smile)
M3:do u know about mobile communication?
Me:(man hi man halat kharab mobile communication sun kar),lekin I told sir,I don’t know much.
M3:suppose I want to make a cal to any landline fon by my mobile,how it connect?
Me:sir there is BSC(I shud have told it BTS),I forgot full name of bsc..m3 told then,
Then I started again,sir our mobile is connected to bsc through wireless communication,this bsc is connected to MSC,which is main switching circuit,through optical fiber cable.and this MSC is is connected to another MSC through optical fiber.
Now if I want to make a call,first my information wil go to BSC,then BSC wil send my information To MSc….i used d word home address locator and visitor address locator,I think I shud not use that,it may be use for mobile to mobile communication..shayad I have mistaken…bcoz I don’t know much about mobile communication.
M3::he was nodding…and smiling but shayd he was not completely satisfied.
M3:do u know about satellite communication?how satellite fon works?
Me:sorry sir ,I don’t know(widh normal smiling face)
(mai thak gaya tha)
M3:ok guess??/
Me:suppose sir I m having a satellite fon,it is a receiver(I shud have told Tranceiver in place of receiver)
If I want to make a call first it wil directly connect to satellite,then satellite wil connect to another satellite.
M2:it is not lyk dat there is a exchange .first satellite fon wil connect to dat exchange….
Me:thxs sir.
Now chair person…ok shashitosh ur interview is over,u can go now.
(rahat ki saans li)
Thank you sirs…..