IES Interview Exp.
Branch: Electrical Engg.
Panel Chairman: David Sir
Date: 08/01/2014
David Sir:
1. So u r frm NSIT..can u tell us in brief abt. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose?
2. U play guitar..what kind of guitar exactly..can u tell abt diff b/w acoustic and hawaiian guitar?
3. U like teaching..where have u taught?
4. U left ur job in 4 months. Can u brief it?
5. Ur first pref. in IES?
then he passed on to other members.
1. Tell us abt. transducers.
2. Where in railways can u use ur knowledge of instrumentation engg.?
3. What kind of transducers/sensors will help in checking faults in railways..say for instance railway tracks?

1. Can u tell us abt diff b/w incandescence lights, CFLs, and LEDs?
2. How will we determine which one to use?

1. Have u seen instrumentation systems industrially?
2. Can u draw a block diag. of a basic instrumentation system used in d industry?
3. What is PLC and where it is used?
4. PLC dat u saw was of which comp.?

Actually the panel asked me more ques esp. d first and the third member..dey were very supportive and friendly..interview lasted for 25 min. approx. my performance was not dat much upto wat I had expected..fingers crossed.