Date of interview. 7/01/2014
Member . Vinay mittal
Branvn. Mechanical

1. Why do u think railways suits you
2. Tell me wat you know about railways ies?
3. Tell me about weldings ?

Member 1
1. Wat Is ip, bp, fp
2. Diffrent ypes of dynamometers
3. Wat is major series his yer in cricket
4. Wat is the news about srinivasan recently
5. Tell me diff. Between spot and match fixing
6.why match fixing is done?

Member 2
1. Wat is painting
2. Wat r diffrent types of painting
3. Tel me about crankshaft
3. Asked about different materials?

Member 3
Complete powerplant heort
About 15 questions he asked

I have answered 80% of the questions……thank you
This may b useful for u