interview date: 10/01/2014
panel 2- p. kilmensungla
(hobby foodie, reading about defence equipments. B.E. passout2013 and working in gail india ltd)
q1. why mechanical engg in college?
q2. what is the use of mech engg?
q3. mech engg marvels in delhi?
q4. what is your job profile?
q5. what was your college project? its economic rip off?
q6. WHAT IS YOUR PHILOSOPHY of LIFE? *burn the chairperson*

tech advisor 1( nothing technical with him)
q1. why you are executiv trainee for your company? why not engineer trainee?
q2-q… related to company and my role in and my awareness about my industry.

tech advisor 2( he is not clear with his words)

q1. why no mtech?
q2. your view regarding further studies?
q3. what you see in future of automobil sector? innovations and all… you know anything that changes its shape and then regain after some time. some type of metal or material?
q5. how will you design a computer for a soldier in battlefield? give your approach?
q6. what will happen when two culture meet? your opinion on fusion?

tech advisor 3

q1. why metro rail is called metro?
q2. where all we see metro rail coming up. name the cities.
q3. what could be the design approach for metro rail?

chairperson again:
q1. do india have drones? what are drones?
q2. what do you mean by your hobby.

if you are in this panel dont waste time on revising technical stuff