My ESE interview was in board of Amar Pratap Singh (chairperson) dated on 03/01/2014.
Presently I’m working as Examiner of Patents & Designs in Patent Office.
1ST Chairperson:
1. Why do you want to leave present job?
2nd Person:
2. How will you help Railway dept. through your technical knowledge?
3. Did you see any railway construction site?
4. Generally, what types of bridges are provided in Railway?
5. Did you visit any construction site in civil Engg.?
6. What is very difficult construction work in civil Engg.?
7. When and where rocks bolting are provided?
8. Which kinds of mechanisms are attached to rock bolting for jacking?
9. Without visiting field, How can you ensure that this patent is working or not?
10. If an invention is likely to grant, then you grant or not?
11. What kinds of invention did you see except civil engg. Field?
12. How much time will it take to grant a patent after examination?
3rd Person:
13. Which is your favorite subject?
14. What is pre-stressed concrete? (But answer was Soil Mechanics)
15. What types of members are constructed in pre-stressed concrete?
16. What is a pre-stressed pier?
17. Why pre-stressed is in sleepers?
18. Why ballast has been used below railway track?
19. What will happen when ballast is not laid below railway track?
20. Why ballast is not used in metro railway track?
4th Person:
21. How will you examine the files which are other than civil Engg. Field?
22. How much time will it take to examine a file which is not related to civil Engg. Field?
23. How many files have been filed in Patet Office during previous year?
24. How many of them are granted?
1st Chairperson: (Again)
25. Tell me a new invention in civil engg. Which you have examined.