Dear frndzz…my IES roll no-007916…. my interview was scheduled on 31st dec….i would like to share my interview experience so that it can help you…i know i should have posted it earlier bt its beter late than never:-P
board presided by Rajni Rajnda….
Rajni Maam:-
1-ur name
2-ur IES roll no
3-do u work smwhere

1st Tech Member:-
1-what is diode
2-diferent types of diode.
3-their use,construction
and working principle
4-transitor,their structure and working

2nd Tech Member:-
1-u have won a competition in c programing. Tell me abt that.
2. What is pointer
3. How wil u define 100 elements using array or pointer and why..
4.write a program for matrix multiplication using pointer.
5. If RAM is 1MB and ur matrix size is larger then that how wil u do calculation

3rd Tech Member:-
1-what is windowing.
2 what is parity, how it is generated and used
3 what is sampling
4 nyquist criteria
5. Quantization error
then i was asked to go….whole through out the interview she was loking on her desk and writing something…..thrwere no GS ques….neitherques frm hobbies n interest….
All the best for ur interview…..