Interview detail
Dated– 15/01/2014
Panel– Manbir Singh

Manbir Singh asked;
1. Abt my job ie Air Traffic Controller in detail abt 10 min.

Member 1:
1. Technical aspects abt my job.
2. Abt Radar
3. Optical Fibre

Member 2:
1. Solar Cell
2. P-N Junction
3. Some technical aspects in deep.

Member 3:
1. What is DNS
2. What is URL
3. Internet connections etc

Member 4:
1. Some question abt my hobby etc
2. Anteena aperture etc

Baaki me bhul gya..around 10 aur the
Lagta hai unhe mujhse lagao ho gya tha …

35 min tak bitha ke rakha,,,

Best of luck and be cool they can ask u anything..but prepare ur jobs related question well..