my interview …
date: 9.1.14 panel head: Manbir Singh

1. your likes and dislikes about chandigarh.(my home city).
2. there was controversy regarding the forest area in chandigarh,what was that ?
3. solutions for the problems in chandigarh.

Tech 1:
1. Name any other green city in India.
2. Your work profile in NTPC.
3. Sensors used in NTPC.
4. RTD and Thermocouples– principle and material.

Tech 2:
1. Microcontroller used in power plant.
2. microcontroller series, manufacturing companies.
3. Superhetrodyne receivers , IF frequency–why.
4. power levels,voltage levels of received input and output(speaker), impedence matching–transformer coupling.

Tech 3:
1. GSM architecture.
2. how BTS is powered, alternate sources for powering it.

Manbir Singh will ask questions about home city and hobbies(only when it is peculiar).

Technical persons were interactive in nature and tried to get answers from you, sometimes by giving hints and clues.

Time period: 23 minutes and 48 seconds.

Best of luck……to all…..