My interview exp.
Board headed by M.Singh
Date – 3/01/14 FN
CP-Bihar is said lagging state 7years ago ie bimaru state bt now its groth rate is much more than India’s groth rate
What’s reasons?
1st tech person- why we use digital communication?
– there is complex circuit required for convertion then why not analog?
2nd tech person- what is data compression?
– which type of data compression used for CD?
– process of r/ w in CD
– difference b/w CD & DVD
– is any -ve registance & -ve differential mobality?
– example of -ve registance equipment used in comn system
3rd tech persion – GSLV in news why
– what is Gunn diode?
– what occurs band & electron ( in Gunn diode)?
No question from hobby & project ( however athors were asked from this section too ; so don’t left it)

Overall interview was smooth and average performance.

Best of luck 4 next to be interviewed!!!