Interview date:10-01-2014
panel:Rajni Rajdan
Branch: ECE

your name? roll no.? is this your passport pic?

your favourite subject? I said Analog electronics..
what’s analog ?
Tell some devices which use it?
Amplifier’s characteristics which we use in speaker systems?
what is Treble,Bass & equalization, what actually happens inside?
positive feedback of amplifiers which we face in day to day life?
draw Amplifiers’ freq characteristics.. explain all portions and reasons..?
whats ideal amp freq char? how to attain ideal char?

difference between error and bug? (since I have worked as a software developer).
software development life cycle?
which model i used?
what’s spiral model..

superheterodyne rx ?
ganged tuning?
AM bandwidth…Intermediate freq?
how should be the freq char of tuned amplifier?why?
how should be the freq char of IF amplifier?why?
Quality factor of above two and bandwidth? why?
why to use tuned ampr in the first stage?
effect of noises on the response of the superheterodyne?

I couldn’t answer few questions, but overall interview was good..100% technical interview no other quest.. all the best to u all.. prepare technical papers well…
atleast mug up all the notes