UPSC interview experience. Hope this helps aspirants. My preferences were ITS, SIGNALS and then STORES.Date 2 may 2013. Prof David was the chairperson.

Following is what transpired during my interview.
“May I come in sir?”
One member shook his head.
“Good afternoon sirs!”
“Please be seated.”

David Sir (reading from DAF): So Mr. KUNAL. What is your state of domicile? So you belong to Patna and B.Tech from IIIT Allahabad. What is IIIT? Is it a deemed university? Whats the difference between IT and ECE? What are your hobbies and why? How do you find time for your hobbies and how far have you reached? What is sudoku and who invented it? World champion of sudoku? What kind if movies do you watch? Whos your favourite actor? Amir Khan is brand ambassador for which program of unicef. Have you seen satyamev jayate? How do you write spoof articles? Tell me some spoof you have written. Why have you not been able to get a job till now when most of your colleagues are working? You are GATE rank 44 so why not M.Tech? Why is ITS your first choice and EME last one?

Tech Person1: What is LAN? How is it set up? What is server and client? Have you studied Computer Networking in B.Tech? How do they communicate? What is GSM, CDMA, 2G, 3G, 4G? What is Optical communication? Bandwidth? OSI model. routers, switches, hubs, usage of optical communication in mobile? Applications of 3G, mobile internet, Satellites. GPS. 2G scam and current progress.

Tech Person2: Fourier Series, Transform, why are they required? Why is Laplace transform required when we have Fourier transform? What is “s” in Laplace? Give me some examples where Laplace exists and not Fourier? Why do we need one-sided Laplace? What is discrete time counterpart of Laplace and any relation between the two of them? How will you use them in designing a system like filters and amplifiers? What is TEM wave? Waveguides, Antennas? Polarisation. How is Parallel plate waveguide physically supported?

Tech Person3: Why is Patna called so? Why called Patliputra? What is Allahabad famous for? Where does Saraswati river originate? Name one famous decision of Allahabad high court. Name one world renowned university near Patna. Lets talk about Digital, analog ICs. Are you okay with it? So, what are saturated and non-saturated logic families? What is the advantage of ECL? What is its disadvantage? What is its voltage swing? Why is it not compatible with other ICs? What is its propagation delay? How is excess-3 code obtained? If I add two excess-3 codes I get excess 6 codes, so how to get actual result (explain on paper) ? If I have a TTL IC which has malfunctioned then can I replace it with a CMOS IC with same number of pins? Why is CMOS more popular these days?

David sir: Ok Mr. Kunal. I wish you all the best and thank you coming.

Overall 25 minutes of pleasurable conversation. All the panelists were very cordial and maintained a cheerful mood. But throughout the interview David Sir was looking at me with big eyes from above his specs and with an expressionless face though.

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