My interview experience 09/01/2014 AN Panel -7 ECE

Panel member-Rajni Razdan
Tell your name?
Tell your roll no.?
(Then Rajni Razdan left)
Tech 1-Name some SC devices?Have you used them?
A question on zener whose O/p waveform was to be drawn.
Draw Diagram of Full wave and bridge rectifier.
Tech 2-What is use of feedback in control systems?
What is gain margin and phase margin?
How to convert a unstable system to stable system?
Tech 3-What is Thevenin Theorem?
A transient ckt. with sinusoidal i/p was given with a capacitor and resistance and it’s o/p was to be drawn.
A ckt. having Diode was given and it’s Thevenin equivalent was to be drawn.

Can only remember this much but not many questions were asked.Almost everyone was interviewed for 12-15 min. by RR panel.
The panel asked M tech students from their M tech,those doing job were asked related to that and freshers were asked from their B tech subjects(fav. subjects).Overall board was cordial but no question whatsoever from DAF and current affairs.
I hope my experience would be useful to all.
All the best!