Date of interview-07/01/2-14
Branch- Electrical
chairperson- D K Dewan

Questions by chairperson- 1) What is constitution of india?
2) suppose u r travelling in bus.. suddenly a policeman stops ur bus and asked driver why u r crossing the speed limits.. How the policeman came to know that driver was overspeeding?
3) have u heard of women reservation bill? Tell me something abt that..

2nd member-
1) suppose u r given a charge of a substation and u have to set up a 25kv substation. List all the electrical equipments u ll need to set up a substation
2) Difference B/w isolator and circuit breaker
3) Explain the transients that occur in power system
4) what type of relays and CBs will be used in substation?
5) What is stability?
6) Types of stability in power system
7) which one is large signal and which one is small signal stability… Differentiate them.

3rd member- He asked mainly about my hobby ( Watching shree mad Bhagvat katha on Television)
1) What is dis Shree Mad Bhagvat katha??
2) Who is the writer of dis book?
3) Who preaced dis nd to whom?
4) suppose u r selected in Indian railways as an IES, what steps will u take to deliver ur best in the job?
5) How will u implement preachment of BHAGVAT KATHA in ur Job?
6) suppose u find that there is a lot of corruption at the lower level, how will u tackle all that??/ Will u motivate ur lower employees to read Shree mad bhagvad??

4th member- 1) asked about my Btech project ( I received a gold medal for my Btech project)
2) on what factors power transfer capability of a transmission line depends?
3) what r copper losses?
4) Any other losses u know
5) Is it like Copper gets wasted in Copper losses?
6) why they r called as copper losses?
7) Have u heard of VLSI?
8) Difference B/w LED and normal diode?
9) Name the Chip of Microcontroller u used in ur project