My interview Experience ESE-2013

Interview Date : 2nd Jan. 2014 (FN)
Chairperson: Smt. Rajni Razdan.

Rajni Mam :
What is your Name ?
So you did your B.Tech this year ! I said yes mam. Then she starts eating something and asked technical member to ask some questions.

Member 1.
What is your CGPI ?
You are from IIIT Allahabad , your CGPI (9.36) is impressive.
Then he start asking questions :
What is a Microprocessor ?
What is 8080 ?
What is difference b/w 8085 and 8086 ?
What is Queuing ? In which processor it is used ?
What is memory segmentation ? Why we do this ? It is done in 8085 or 8086 ?
How much segments are in 8086 ? Name them.
What is difference b/w 8086 and 8088 ? No of address lines in both and which is 16 bit processor ?
Is there is processor 8087 ?
Which is Intel’s latest processor ? What is Quad Core ? What is its Clock rate ?

I answer him almost all questions then he was satisfied with me and refers to next member.

Member 2.
What are your favorite subjects.
I said Analog Electronics , Communication, Digital Electronics.
Then he asked me name the books from which I have read Analog Electronics.
Form which book you read MOSFET ?
Draw channel diagram of N-Channel MOSFET ? What is alternate to metal gate?
Explain the formation of channel ? What is threshold voltage ?
What is pinch off condition ?
Explain when channel is pinched off than how the flow of electrons is taking place ?
What is Channel length Modulation ?

So member 2 was completely focused on MOSFET. Then he refers me to next member –

Member 3.
What is stack ? What is stack pointer ?
Explain how data is accessed in FILO(First in last out) manner in stack ?
What is pipelining ? What is its advantage ?

Then the first member asked Rajni mam its ok mam. All members were asking questions in only one area but in very detail manner and giving enough time to explain. No question from Hobbies ,Current Affairs.

Bhagat Singh
Best of Luck for upcoming candidates.