Dear frndzz…my IES roll no-029509…. my interview was scheduled on 2nd jan….i would like to share my interview experience so that it can help you…
board presided by Rajni Rajnda….

Rajni Maam:-
1-ur name
2-ur IES roll no
3-do u work smwhere
4-why do u want to leave NTPC(as i m currently workin n NTPC)
5-explain how u can improve ur technical knowledge if u r posted in railway store dept. which deals with item procurement…

1st Tech Member:-
1-write down what features u look for when purchasin a laptop
2-ques related to what u write….askin fr proper explanation
3-weight of laptop n price relation….
4-cache memory
5-noise figure
6-ideal noise figure

2nd Tech Member:-
1-difference between system & circuit
2-explain using a modem
3-anti aliasing filter & sampling theorm
4-what is AM…FM….difference betwn em..
5-draw block diagram of AM modulator

3rd Tech Member:-
1-memory refferencin in Cache…

then he was interupted by Rajni Maam….n i was asked to go….whole through out the interview she was eatin smthing…..thr were no GS ques….neither ques frm hobbies n interest….neither frm job profile…

All the best for ur interview…..
thanx n regards….ASHISH PANDA