Interview By Kunal Srivastava


E.S.E is no doubt a thorough process which tests understanding of engineering subjects and several awareness of a candidate through multiple stages.

My Strategy

I started Preparation for E.S.E after my B. tech (in 2011). My strategy for exam was to score at least 100 marks per paper, totaling to 600 out of 1200. As the out off had varied maximum up to 580 in past years.

Objective Technical

For the technical objective papers reading theory from the standard books recommended during collage days is a must. For a good score in objective technical papers a breadth first knowledge of topics is required. Though the questions asked are conceptual but many can be answered by memory thus time management becomes easy. I also very thankful to Engineers Institute of India which provide me best faculty for coaching.

Subjective Technical

For the technical subjective paper, I feel that entire or comprehensive coverage is not required. I prefer selective approach by choosing subjects per paper and leaving out some Topics. I always put the question to our faculty and they give me such a special answer which help to increase my interest in my study .

Important derivations and numerical based upon them have a fair chance of being repeated. Standard books and their problems set is more than sufficient. However I would also suggest solving gate questions as they are very conceptual and thoughtful.

Number of Hours

The number of hours per day for studying is probably the biggest confusion student usually have. I suggest 6 to 8 hours for studying and devoting home time for hobbies. As they play an important role in developing ones personality. Also questions on hobbies are always asked invest interviews.

Last Advice

Limited number of good quality questions should be practiced. You all must join and take Test series and Mock Test series


Interview preparation can be done post written result under qualified personality. One should focus on the features of one’s profile. Try to highlight yours strengths and minimize weaknesses. You should be comfortable with every word written in your D.A.F. questions asked are mostly from your background and hobbies and present job, if working.

Special Thanks

At the end special thanks to Engineers Institute of India and There all faculty, which help me more to get this achievement in my life which is impossible for me.