My interview Was on 17th april …
ECE – Electronics And Telecommunications
Chair person – David R. Syiemlieh

chair person asked me —

1.where did u do ur B.E. ?
Ans – i said Baldev ram mirdha inst. of technology sitapura jaipur rajasthan ….

2. they asked who is baldev ram mirdha ?

3. asked me about my working department (WPCW) ? and said he also never heard the name of WPCW.
Ans – i said I got selected in ES-2011 .. and this WPC depart. comes under Ministry of Communications ….

4. They Asked me y did u give again the ES paper /?
Ans – I said last year i didn’t get my desired department ….

5. if there is a chance to go in some other dept. on deputation would u go or not ???

6. so ur final department allocated will depend on this interview and ur written .?

7. how did u do in ur written ??
ans- i said very well

8. it means ur final selection depend very much on this interview ?

9. y did u choose E & T ?
Ans – i did my engineering in Computer science stream but Computer science paper was not included in ESE .. so i choosed E&T which have most of the subjects are same with CS….

10. U do internet surfing (My Hpbby)? wats new in this ?
11. Do u motivate people (Hobby )?
12. R u be motivated by someone ?

(there is no question from current affairs )

Member 1 –

1. if we want to create a link from Shrinagar to Russia … how would u create that link ?

2. how many BTS in the whole India ?
3. DO u know about Carbon Foot prints ?
4. Effects of power of BTS ?
5. Renewable sources of Energy ?
6. what are the side effects of the BTS ?
7. u choose which subjects of electronics for writing ur Engineering services paper ?

Member 2 – (most irritating person in the interview)

1. U r from CS stream u cleared ur ES in E&T …. Did u do hard work 4 this….. ?
2. do u know computer languages ?
3. difference bet. FORTRAN and C++ language ?
4. have the knowledge of B.E. project made on which language ?
5. asked about micro electronics ?
6. what is the color of Silicon ?
7. do u know the name of company who made processors ?
8. do u know the gate time?
9. which processor is best ?

Member 3-

1. – what is RISC and CISC /?
2. – what r the use of ur department in public domain ?
3. – what is the procedure of complaint in ur dept. ?
4. – what is interference ?

Dats All ….
David R. Syiemlieh is a very jolly nature person …. he will not create an any type of pressure on you … he will always try to feel u comfortable …..